I read 3 blogs from the Flipboard magazine for my SBC8 challenge, they were all different but unique in their own way. I found each blog on the Student Flipboard magazine. The first blog I read was called MINECRAFTART by a student named Jori ( His post was about climate change and what his school had done to combat it. I commented on how I felt about the positive steps he and his school were taking.

The next blog I read was from another student named Kait, her blogs name was Kems Animal Blog ( Her blog featured an informative and short poster on women’s rights. I left a comment on her blog talking about how easy it is to forget issues that aren’t important to you and also about women’s rights in Senegal.

The final blog I visited was Farrah’s blog(, she had a well-written poem on the issue of global hunger. It put a fun and interesting twist on another very serious issue. I put a comment on her blog congratulating her for achieving this feat.

All of the links above lead to their blogs, check them out!


Technology At ISD,


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I found Mai Tao’s blog post very interesting, in regards to my own school life I find that technology has a massive role. For better or worse technology has seeped into everyone’s lives, it plays an instrumental role in leisure, school, and research. In regards to Mai Tao’s questions, my school and education has a very large technological aspect.

At my school, ISD we have Chromebooks, we are expected to bring them and most often we use them for at least two periods. Nearly every school project involves the use of technology in some form, as a basis for research or as the platform it’s presented on. I can thoroughly say technology has invaded my life! Whether that’s a good thing, well, that’s up to the person.


SBC5, School

School is stressful, all that work, it just gets too much. This and that, finish this by then, do this, do that, so many orders and stuff to cram into my brain. The perfect afternoon for me would to just recover after school, yet alas, the bain of all existence, homework. To start off with, my ideal afternoon after school would be work free, just my own chillout time. Firstly I would hit the gym, pound a few km’s on the treadmill. After working out and getting that great sense of physical accomplishment I would then proceed to ruin it all. Along the walk home I would stop at Yogurtlandia, I would get a small cup of yogurt with caramel, and all their toppings. After such a delicious sugar rush I would then make my way home begin watching random vines. It’s always good to add a bit of humor to your afternoon. I would then read a book for an hour or so, a few of my favorites are “into the wild,” and historical novels by Steve Shienkin. After reading a few chapters or so, and convincing my mom that I can do something constructive I would then proceed to play FIFA until dinner.  After a nice meal I would then proceed to do the only family activity I would want to do that day, watch stranger things in the living room. That’s my ideal Afternoon, what about yours? leave in the comments below


Climate change is a global issue, and it needs a global solution. Imagine a desolate planet, no water, no life, searing temperatures. That could be earth, with global temperatures rising 0.8 celsius or 1.4 Fahrenheit annually it’s only a matter of time before the damage done to our atmosphere is irreplaceable. Each living and breathing moment climate change gets worse. More and more carbon is pumped into our atmosphere, 2.4 million tons a second to be exact. We are pushing the world and our atmosphere to new breaking points, climate change threatens mass climate disasters, droughts, fires, and flooding.  And with those disasters come death, mass immigration, suffering, and potentially wars over dwindling resources. Even if we halt all carbon emissions anyone reading this post will still be affected by global warming for the rest of their lives, it takes over 100 years for carbon to disperse in the atmosphere. The more carbon we pump into the atmosphere the worse the situation gets. We humans, as a species, must work together to prevent the impending doom we currently are fashioning for ourselves. We have to make sure that our world is a livable place for future generations, but every day we inact against climate change the possibilities of that grow slimmer. This is the only world we have, let’s not let the technology and lives we’ve built finally destroy us.

SBC3 Picture Story

This is the picture Story I’ve created, if you can’t guess what it’s about than I clearly haven’t done my job

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