How to Comment on my Blog

Hi guys, today I’ll just give a quick refresher of how to comment on my blog, it’s really easy,


  • First step is to view the post you would like to on my blog
  • After reading and deciding that you would like to comment look under the title of the post
  • to the right of the post’s date there is a word bubble, click it
  • It will take you to a text box titled “leave a reply” where you can leave your thoughts

Guidelines for commenting on my blog, I’m not a strict or uptight person but there are a common sense guidelines.


  • Please don’t comment any abuse, there is a definite difference between abuse and constructive feedback. Such as saying “your blog sucks” to “I think this could use work”  I love and appreciate constructive feedback but abuse is not beneficial for anyone involved.
  • Please don’t post any vile or purposely hurtful comment on my blog, I think anyone can understand that.
  • I will also not post spam or any useless comments in the trash.
  • Finally please do comment on my blog! I feel these things aren’t too much to ask so please comment and tell me about you, or your interest, or what you feel about my blog, I’m very open to your comments and suggestions. Thank you for listening.

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